KORDUN, production and trade of metal-ware , M.Laginje 10, Karlovac, Croatia


we offer following kinds of expert helps :
construction of tools according to your requests
designing of tools in process of building joinery production
solutions for production of tools according to your drawing or enclosed profile sample
expert helps for tool application
we organize trial cutting of new tools
we organize seminars for servicing and application of tools
the biggest service in Croatia
sharpening of circular saws for wood and metal
sharpening of band saws for wood
sharpening and repair of cutters for wood treatment
sharpening and renovation of circular saws paneled with HM
sharpening of industrial knives
sharpening of all kinds of manual tools for wood
sharpening of chains for motor saws
sharpening of professional and kitchen knives
sharpening of of all kinds of shears and medical instruments
contact us on e-mail : alati@kordun.hr